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  • Department of pharmacoeconomics

    Department of Pharmacoeconomics founded in 2004 in order to prepare professionals for the pharmaceutical industry, who will be able to conduct a comparative evaluation of medical technology on the basis of the simultaneous, integrated, interrelated analysis of the clinical results of their application and the costs associated with their use. The results of pharmacological studies are necessary to improve quality of care, management of resources for health as individual consumers and health-care institutions and the state in general, optimize the creation, production and use of medicines in the market economy. Today in society there is a strong need in pharmacoeconomic study on the use of medical technologies for the treatment of various diseases, as well as for experts who can provide it.

    Headed the Department Honored Scientist of Ukraine, member of the Central Formulary Committee of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Doctor of Pharmacy, professor Iakovlieva Larisa Vasil'evna

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  • Pharmacoeconomics in Ukraine: state and development prospects

    VI conference 2013

    Планируется рассмотрение вопросов, связанных с оценкой медицинских технологий, фармакоепидемиологией, системой стандартизации в здравоохранении (клинические протоколы и стандарты лечения), формулярной системой, ценообразованием и реимбурсацией  

  • Employees of the Department

    • Iakovlieva Larisa Vasil'evna

      Head of Department, Doctor of Pharmacy, professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine

    • Bezdetko Nataliya Vladimirovna

      Doctor of Medical Science, professor

    • Gerasimova Olga Alexandrovna

      Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor

    • Tkachova Oksana Vitalevna

      Doctor of Pharmacy, Associate Professor

    • Matyashova Nataliya Alexandrovna

      Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate

    • Berdnik Olga Georgievna


    • Urchenko Oksana Alexandrovna

      Senior laboratory assistant of Department, economist

  • Course "Preparation of pharmaceutical / medical representative"

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  • Educational literature

    1. Iakovlieva L.V., Mischenko O.Ya., Gerasymova O.A. Pharmacoeconomics: self-study practice book for traning students of speciality 8.110201 – “Pharmacy” – Kh.: NPhaU PH, 2015. – 94 p. CONTENT
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  • Pharmacoeconomic analysis

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